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Welcome to the Official CeleBritty Casting Site!


                     is currently casting  

CONTENT CREATORS & REAL PEOPLE who are opinionated, interesting, funny, and charismatic and want to share their opinions about various topics; to be featured on an upcoming episode of the show via a short video clip.

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Pays $50.00 total for all ACCEPTED video submissions (60 seconds minimum).

Role pays $25.00 immediately once video is selected (for those who are chosen) and an additional $25.00 when you share the episode at least twice on a social platform selected by CeleBritty Productions (Instagram, TikTok or Twitter). Episode MUST be shared within the first 24 hours of release to qualify for this extra bonus. Answer as many questions as you like, the more you answer, the more you increase your chances of appearing. This is an on-going gig, new topics will be listed soon. Submit as many videos as you like....any that are selected will be PAID.

Compensation/Rate of Pay:

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Talent must submit a video in landscape / horizontal orientation. Cell phone videos are fine as long as they are clear. Videos need to be at least ONE MINUTE LONG.   Feel free to show us your personality and be as charismatic as possible when giving your opinions on the topics below; but please be clear about what your opinion is. Keep in mind we need to be able to clearly SEE AND HEAR YOU! REMEMBER: Videos MUST BE SHOT IN LANDSCAPE MODE (please turn your phone or device sideways for a full widescreen view)!!


NEW GUIDELINE: Please say our host’s name (Brittany) at the beginning of your response. Submit/upload videos by CLICKING HERE or directly to the following email address:


Choose AT LEAST FIVE or all of the topics below:

1) What's one thing that you would change about our society if you could?

2)What's one thing about you that you feel makes you a better person?

3) If you could ask anyone one question, what would it be and why?

4)How do you manage stress?

5)Tell us about a day in your life in your particular occupation/career 

6)What do you do exactly?

7)What does your daily job consist of?

8)What is your schedule like?

9)Is your position stressful or stress free?

10) What advice would you give to someone who wants to get started in this particular field?


Lastly, please make sure that we have an email address on file for you with your application.  

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